Is this the most beautiful late Roman helmets ever found?

Famous gilded Roman helmet from Berkasovo in northern Serbia, one of the most beautiful late Roman helmets ever found.

It originates from early 4th century AD, it is made of gold-plated iron sheets luxuriously decorated with gems and glass paste ornaments and has Greek inscriptions on the edges.
Collection of Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

It was discovered together with another gold-plated helmet and horse equipment in 1955 by a woman in the field in Berkasovo (40km from Sirmium-one of main ant most important Roman cities) village, Srem region, northern Serbia.

Helmets probably belonged to cavalry officers of Roman emperor Licinius, who was defeated in Battle of Cibalae, against emperor Constantine I in 314 or 316 AD.

Together with the third gold-plated helmet from Jarak village is Srem region these pieces are considered to be among the most beautiful Roman helmets ever found.

So far 15 similar helmets have been found all over the ancient Roman world, but these from Serbia are the best preserved. All helmets are categorized to the same type, named after Berkasovo. ArcheoSerbia.

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