The 5 all Time Best Car Movies that are Rented Today

There have been many amazing car movies. You may be wondering, what are the 5 all time car movies that are still rented today? Well, there are some car movies that have stood the test of time. These car movies are some of the best that have been made, and that is why they are still popular today. Car movies are a good choice because they offer action and yet, they show you some beautiful cars.

Here are 5 of the best car movies that are rented today:


This movie was a kid’s movie made by the Pixar company, and it was supremely successful in every way. The movie altogether, in sales entirely grossed over $5 billion. What is interesting about this movie is that there were many characters, as well as places that were inspired by route 66. A famous real road in the United States. The original title of this film was Route 66 but it was later changed because it sounded too closed to a television show with the same name.

CARS (pixar movie) Mega Bloks playset

Fast and the Furious

Is another film that is still being rented a lot even today. Since the original, there have been 6 other Fast and Furious related movies that have been made. The original is still one of the best. This movie made $102.6 million in sales. This is a great film because you can see some of the fastest and most exotic cars in the world. On top of that, the film is loaded with action. From illegal street races at midnight, to people being held at gunpoint. This movie ensures that you will not at any point be bored.

There have even been a few video games that have been made in honor of this movie. They are on the Consoles: Playstation 2, iOS and the Playstation Portable.


What is interesting about this movie is that it was actually inspired by a real life event. It happened to the director Paul Haggis who had his Porsche jacked while he was inside of a video store. Haggis took this traumatic event and turned it into a 53.4 million dollar film. Now that is taking lemons and making lemonade! They spent around $6.5 million in order to make the film, but they made back seven times what they had spent.

The overall feedback from the film critics has been largely positive. Over 76% of critics have praised this film calling it a great film.

Death Race

This movie grossed over $75 million at the box office. What is great about this film was that it took criminals and made them compete against each other. Although the difference is that their cars are armed with guns and other crazy things. This movie is loaded with action.

Speed Racer

This was a film that spent a long time in development. In fact, since 1992 it was being made, and it was finally launched in 2008. The time spent on this movie paid off because it grossed over $114 million. This movie takes place over a classic cartoon that many hold dear. Time magazine included speed racer on its list of The All-TIME 25 Best Sports Movies. If that is not an honor, then nothing is an honor.

The Mach 5

These are 5 of the all time car movies that are rented today. These are movies that even changed the way people look at cars. The great thing about car movies, is they usually are loaded with action. Some of the stories of these films are inspiring. These movies are top quality, and it is for that reason they are still rented today.

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