Moon (2009) Movie Review

If you are a Sci-fi lover then you will find this movie underrated. The plot twist and concept of the movie is pretty good. When you looked for the possibility of such a situation then you will find it quite realistic. Moon (2009) is a good movie.

A company is mining the Moon for energy. They are using clones to do their jobs. The clones (Sam) didn’t know that each three years company replaces him with a newer clone.

When a clone Sam falls in an accident, the computer onboard Gretty wakes up another clone. This newer clone saves the dying Sam and we then know how operations are going on the Moon.

It’s really a nice concept with good graphics and storytelling. Off course you can’t deny the superb acting of Sam ( Sam Rockwell). He was stunning in portraying the character of both old and new clone, how they should behave and anger of the old one.

Moon (2009) - The Underrated Science Fiction Movie
  • Story
  • VFX
  • Acting
  • Music

Moon (2009) Movie Review

One good science fiction movie with a good plot and ending. The music, acting and the common sense all are well placed in this movie. This should have been in the list of all time greatest sci-fi movie.


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