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They say that the best thing you can do is take an objective look at yourself to find your faults and strengths, and accept them honestly and fully. It is said to be the first step toward positive change and improving your life. I personally think this is a great idea that everyone should do once in awhile, especially when they are feeling like they are in a rut, or struggling with an element of their life.

But what about other people helping you to do this? Sometimes we don’t know where to start on journeys such as this one, and it can help to have a little bit of feedback from those closest to us. The problem is that people have trouble being honest when you ask them face to face. Sometimes, it is better to offer them an anonymous method of letting you know.

Three Words

This one isn’t actually anonymous, so let’s get it out of the way first. While you can’t ask for hidden feedback, it can still be a nice way to find out how people feel about you as a person. What you do is sign up and post a link that allows them to tell you three words they feel best describe you. Some will be serious, some a joke, but it can provide a good insight into what people most appreciate about you. At the very least, it is a fun thing to do with friends.


Worried specifically about what you might need to change about yourself or your life? Maybe you think you have a bit of a bad attitude, or spend too much time working instead of enjoying life. Whatever it is, you can ask for people’s opinions with this website. You just register, post the link on Twitter, Facebook or as part of your email signature, and check the updates through your account.

On a slightly unrelated note, the “Nuthing” button at the top of the site is rather funny.


Another good anonymous feedback program, people click on a registered link to say what they think of you. But unlike the site above, it can be either positive or negative in nature. No one can see the comments but you, and you can publish your favorites on any social networking platform you might like.

This is a more interactive version of the anonymous feedback form. You create your profile and link to the form. You can make it public or private depending on who you want seeing the comments. Then, you can say if you agree, had no idea or disagree, and comment back to the person who posted. They will be able to see their own comment and your reply you reviewed, but nothing else. All while remaining completely anonymous.


Feel like getting some brutal feedback on your appearance? HotorNot is well known website that has been going for years. You sign up, put on your pic and let strangers rate you. They go through the pictures on the site and give it a 1 – 10, and those ratings add up to a final percentage. It even tells you if you are hotter than a percentage of the others. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is your think you can sign up for free.

Brutal honesty isn’t usually easy to take. But we can better examine ourselves and out lives with genuine critiques of how we appear to other people. So take the leap and try these programs. You might be surprised by what you learn.

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