Expendables 3 a Movie Lovers Review

the-expendables (1)Watching a Movie before the Released Date

I am going to be honest here, I have watched this movie before the released that. I think this is not a crime; I was waiting eagerly to watch the movie for quite some time. After the first promo released it has increased my expectations to a certain level that I could not resist myself from downloading it from torrent.

I was surprised to see that before it was even released the torrent has a clear DVD quality print. I was like, how the hell they got a master print?

It’s true that the film going to lose millions on that, but you can’t stop it when it’s on the web.

Story Line:

This is the sequel of the Expendables series. In this part, the Expendables got in conflict with the arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks. He was one of the founding members of the Expendables, but later betrayed the team.

When a team member (Ceaser) is injured, they have to fall back. Ross took the blame and wanted to finish the job and take revenge by hiring some new mercenaries. The problem gets intensified when these new team members get caught. Stone sends a video to Ross and invited him to go after the team. He was planning to kill them all together.

The old team fall in back and Antonio Bandares as Galgo joined the team.

I am not going to be too descriptive. You can see that in the movie by yourself.

Expectations Vs Realitythe-expendables (2)

My expectations from the Expendables 3 were much higher than the previous two. Not about how much money they made. I was taking about how much good they were. I am sorry to say the 3rd part did not meet my expectations at that level. Anyway, the movie was not a total waste of time. I saw some hardcore actions.

This is an all-star movie where people like Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, and Jason Statham are showing muscle, then why don’t you choose a decent story line. I have seen these kinds of crap stories a 100 times. A friend was killed or shot, and then you need to take revenge… bla bla bla. So much childish plot where you need a new team and then your old team gears up to rescue the new team. What the hell man? What is wrong with your plot? You need to have a good storyline that is more authentic or looks promising.

I am sorry about the storyline it could have been much much better. Then I thought, it’s an action movie, why care so much for the story? Watch some action and ass kicking. I loved the whole action, acting and the blasts. I can give 5 out of 5 for the manned action.

The Expendables 3 (2014) – New Trailer

the-expendables (3)My Rating

A movie need to entertain people, in that scenario “The Expendables 3” entertained me with all the blasts and one-man show. You spared at-least 100 men to capture this few. Well, they are heroes and superstar that is the point. I got it.

The acting is as always good from these guys, but it seems stronger when you have a decent plot. I think the movie specially made for teenage kids. A movie critic can find many loopholes in the plot, but as I said lover like me cannot get much from this. Sorry to say that.

When I watch the Captain America- I have already been told that he is a super soldier and he can do shit that normal heroes can’t. Until you see the Expandables, you did not know that the Expendables could dose bullet :). I love the movies where I can see so much action. I give 8 out of 10 for the blasts and shooting. The story will get 4 out of 10 and the acting is 9 out of 10. I could give acting 10 if the story was good.

Overall, I will give the movie 6 out of 10.

This is crap movie if you do not love action but it is obviously worth your time to watch. You will love it if you love the heroes only. And I love them. I will love to watch another sequel of this movie with more ass to blast :D. This is a pure blasting fun.


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