30+ Perfectly Timed Photos that Will Make you WOW!

Taking photos is not easy. You can snap all the time but you rarely make a photo that everyone remembers. You need the light, time and the moment correct to take a great photo.

Here are 30 photos that will make you think twice and encourage your mind to take photography as a second hobby.

#1 Firefighter In Peru

#2 When The Timing Is Right

#3 Bumblebee Carrying The Sun

#4 Right Place, Right Time

#5 Was Taking Random Pictures Of My Mother And This Came Out

#6 Pier Sunset

#7 The Struggles Of A Substitute Teacher

#8 When The Timing Is Right

#9 This Guy’s Earbuds Made A Treble Clef


#10 Holy Sh*t

#11 Snapped A Lucky Shot Of A Truck Trying To Steal The Sun

#12 Dads Rock

#13 Perfectly Timed Photo Of A Wave

#14 Suspicious Hair

#15 Fourteen Wind Turbines All In A Row



#16 Perfect Timing

#17 Maybe She’s Barn With It

#18 Lightning Strikes A Plane As It Flies Through A Rainbow

#19 Seen At The Airport In Tel Aviv, Israel

#20 The Moment A Trout Eats A Mayfly And The Second Before Water Tension Gives Way

#21 Watching TV With My Feet Up When Suddenly

#22 In The Right Moment

#23 Perfect Timing

Look closely for the pic.

#24 My Cat Has A Six Pack

#25 Miss Ostrich

#26 Caught Peter Pan And Tinkerbell

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