This Website Claims to Know What You Have Downloaded from BitTorrent

We all love torrents.

Whenever we are in need of movies, music or a newly released pirated movie, we rush to the torrent sites.

Government around the world have declared war against torrent site owners and many famous torrent sites like KickAss has been shut down in 2016.

Most torrent users know that BitTorrent are not anonymous, but knowing that all your downloads are tracked and listed in a public site is quite scary.

Believe me and go here:

Now put your IP there and it will show the list. Although it should track it automatically when you visit the site.

Now this is how you get warning or copyright violation when you download from torrent sites.

The site data is not accurate in many cases. Like, when I search with my IP it shows several downloads that I haven’t done. My IP is a shared IP from my broadband provider. That means it is showing the downloads from other users too.

So VPN users and dynamic IP will not see an accurate result.

The site also provide a tool when you can sniff out your friends download habits too and check what they have downloaded.

This is a warning to the people who thinks internet is anonymous and you have privacy here.

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