Little Johnny’s Gambling Problem

Little Johnny has a problem — he excessively gambles. So his dad calls Johnny’s new teacher and states, “My son, Johnny, will be starting your class tomorrow, but he likes to gamble. So keep an eye out for him.” The teacher agrees to.

The next day, Little Johnny walks into class, greets the teacher, and says with a smirk, “I bet you ten bucks that you’ve got a mole on your butt.” His teacher, thinking that she can break Little Johnny’s gambling problem by proving him wrong, takes him up on the bet. She pulls her pants down in front of the entire class, but there was no mole. Little Johnny hands her a $10 bill and walks away.

Little Johnny goes home, telling his dad that he lost ten bucks to the teacher and why.

His dad calls the teacher and says, “Johnny said that he bet ten bucks that you had a mole on your butt… and he lost.”

The teacher says, “Yes, and I think I may have broken his gambling problem.”

Johnny’s dad says, “No, you didn’t; He bet me $200 this morning that he’d get to see your butt by the end of the day.”

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